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Ready to showcase the true potential of your luxury home? We are sharing a series of expert staging insights to make your property shine.

Staging begins with tip #1: Curb appeal.

First impressions are vital and missing the mark on this one can prevent an otherwise beautiful home from getting the attention it deserves. Well-maintained lawns and trimmed hedges, vibrant flower beds, fresh paint, and attention grabbing light fixtures (don’t forget to make sure all the light bulbs are working!) leave buyers wanting to see more. Add inviting accessories like elegant outdoor furniture, lush greenery, and water features to create a relaxing and inviting oasis to ensure you’re off to the best start.


Staging tip #2: Shine a Spotlight on Distinctive Features.

Identify and shine a spotlight on your home’s uniquely distinctive features: Whether you have a breathtaking view, a chef’s kitchen that’s a culinary haven, or an extravagant primary suite that exudes luxury, it’s time to accentuate these standout features to leave a lasting impression.
Maximize the Primary Suite’s Appeal: Create a serene and indulgent ambiance. Make the bed luxurious with plush linens, add soft lighting, and declutter to evoke a sense of relaxation and opulence.
Showcase a Chef’s Kitchen: If your kitchen is clearly a selling point, turn it into a gourmet paradise. Clear countertops, organize cookware and add a few tasteful touches, like fresh herbs or freshly baked cookies. Let potential buyers imagine their culinary adventures.
Staging is about creating a captivating atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers. By capitalizing on what already makes your house unique, you’ll present your home in its best light and elevate its appeal.

Staging tip #3: Let there be light! Make your property shine before you list it.

Homebuyers are consistently drawn to light and bright spaces. By capitalizing on the available natural light and filling in any gaps with tasteful ambient lighting, you create a desirable sense of warmth and spaciousness.

Open those curtains wide and let natural light flood the space. A bright room instantly feels larger and more welcoming. Swap out heavy curtains for light and airy alternatives to let the sunlight dance in.
While color can have its place, opt for light and neutral colors on walls and furnishings in smaller spaces. Soft tones like whites, creams, and pastels amplify the feeling of openness.
Incorporate mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light around the room to create an illusion of more depth.
Counterbalance darker areas with a mix of ambient and accent lighting. A combination of floor lamps, pendant lights, and task lighting works like magic!
Our agents at Lowell International Realty are experts at knowing exactly how to showcase your home at its full potential.

Staging tip #4: Emphasize Space and Flow.

A spacious and open home immediately catches the attention of potential buyers and can often be perceived as having more value compared to a cramped or cluttered space. When they step into a clutter-free, well-organized space, they are more likely to form a positive first impression.

Arrange furniture in a way that showcases the size and functionality of each room, paring down to create more open space. Rearrange furniture away from walls to add depth and dimension and create natural pathways.
Opt for appropriately sized furniture that fits the room’s proportions. Oversized pieces can overwhelm, while undersized ones may feel lost.
Strategically place mirrors to add depth and amplify light. Mirrors create an illusion of more space, making your home feel larger and more open.

Let’s work together to maximize your home’s potential and create a captivating space that leaves a lasting impression.

Staging tip #5: Declutter & Depersonalize.

Did you know the average American household has 300,000 items in their home?* (Source: L.A. Times)

When staging your home, you want to craft an inviting space and remove excess items. A clutter-free environment feels open and welcoming. Clear your surfaces and consider storing personal trinkets for a polished look. This will highlight your property’s features for potential buyers. Depersonalize by swapping personal photos for captivating art pieces that exude elegance.

Follow these tips to turn your property into an inviting canvas, allowing buyers to envision their dreams in this luxurious space. Contact our experienced team for personalized guidance. Your dream sale begins here!

Staged house

Staging Tip #6: Hire a professional home staging company.

Professional home stagers have an expert eye for showcasing your property’s best features, and

standing out is crucial in the luxury real estate market. By strategically arranging furniture, lighting, and decor, they can highlight your home’s unique selling points and create an irresistible atmosphere that potential buyers can’t resist.

Homes that have been professionally staged tend to sell faster and at higher prices than unstaged homes. Investing in home staging can lead to a significant return on investment, making it a worthwhile expense.

We’ve personally witnessed the powerful effects of professional home staging on our clients’ success. Many of our remarkable listings are skillfully staged by @showhomes_miami and attract numerous offers within days.

Let us help you showcase your property in its best light. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your home sale to the next level!

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