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There is no place quite like Downtown Miami. Urbane and chic, it’s the center of city life, with so many things packed within only 3.84 square miles. That includes parks, museums, historic attractions, top dining and shopping, exciting nightlife, and lively streets, just the way a downtown neighborhood should be.

Downtown Miami and the Brickell area is the bustling urban center of Miami. The area is dominated by highrise buildings and urban atmostphere. Brickell is considered the financial center of Miami. The residential buildings in the urban core have interesting floor-plans ranging from apartments to split level lofts and penthouses. This is city living at its best. Many amenities are within walking distance and even more are within a 5 minute drive. True urbanites will want to take up residence in Brickell or Downtown.

Brickell is very centrally located between the luxury neighborhoods of north and south Dade and is a few minutes drive from Miami Beach. As you cross the Miami river, Brickell becomes Downtown Miami. In this area, events happen in your backyard, you can walk to interesting destinations and you’ll be surrounded by people who are as into the urban sprawl as you are.

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