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Coconut Grove, “the Grove” to locals, is one of Miami’s oldest communities and also one of its most unique. Despite its central location within the city locals find it a sanctuary of easygoing charm nestled along the shore of Biscayne Bay. Here you will find lush tree canopy-lined streets with homes offering a wide array of architectural and interior design styles for every taste. A mix of sprawling estates and homes rich with character, gated townhouse communities, and luxury bay-view high-rise condominiums surround the lively town center of Cocowalk. The combination of neighborhood living and local shopping and dining make this community one of Miami’s most cherished.

The Grove’s vibrant and eclectic personality has been sculpted over two centuries since its first mariner settlers arrived along the now Main Highway and Bayshore Drive in the early 1800s. Since then it has been home and inspiration to sailors, artists, writers and entrepreneurs alike. It has given rise to some of the city’s finest schools including Ransom Everglades. Locals today enjoy boating and sailing from any of the Grove’s several yacht clubs, jogging and biking through bay front parks, window shopping boutiques, dining al fresco at sidewalk restaurants and bars, perusing galleries and socializing at festivals. Visitors enjoy the historic landmarks that sprinkle the streets, including the Barnacle-Miami’s oldest house, now designated a state park.

Coconut Grove is rich with history and culture and welcomes everyone with open arms. It continues to inspire and it’s no surprise many of the locals consider themselves “lifers”!


For over a century Coconut Grove has been a mecca for artists and free spirits. Yet while its roots are established in a bohemian culture, over time the Grove has developed a distinct culture that’s both chic and authentic representing a climate that embraces its roots while welcoming a more contemporary style. Events and happenings of all types are a constant in this lively community.

The Grove’s many festivals unite the locals and regularly draw in art, food, and music enthusiasts from all over the map. It’s most prominent festival, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, is recognized by artists as one of the nation’s most coveted venues to be selected to display. Each February for three days over 12,000 people attend this exclusive festival that boasts over 1,300 applicants from around the world of which only the most outstanding 360 artists are invited to show. Visitors enjoy live music, an abundance of food and drink options and most importantly, catching up with old friends. For something a little more quaint, the Mad Hatter festival caters primarily to local artists. The Grove is also famous for its light-hearted Mango Strut parade in which participants dress in humorous costumes aimed to satirize newsworthy events of the last year.

The Grove heavily supports the arts and offers a variety of galleries to explore including the Coconut Grove Arts Festival gallery, Coconut Grove Gallery and Interiors and the McCall gallery. An inspiring twist is offered by the KROMA gallery-19 creative studios await local artists wishing to explore their passion and create their masterpiece. The Coconut Grove Business Improvement District seasonally sponsors FAM night every first Saturday of the month when local vendors participate in bringing together fashion, art and music. And the local theater Cinepolis is a main venue for the Miami Film Festival annually.

Whether you enjoy the sounds of live music cascading through the streets or prefer to soothe the soul with free yoga in the park, there is never a dull moment here!

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